OK, so as you can see, I'm IRRITATED AGAIN. I saw a quote that describes it... "Back the FUCK away. My meds have worn off and I'm feeling a tad psychotic." I'm not depressed, at least I don't think that I am, but I definitely am moody as FUCK. I don't know why, but I've been saying that word, FUCK, a lot lately. Probably because that seems to be the only word that really describes what I'm feeling. Everybody just seems to know how to push my buttons today and damn they know exactly which ones to push too. My wife says that I'm just being an asshole, and maybe there is a little truth to that, but I wouldn't have to be an asshole if everyone would just leave me the FUCK alone. It's so weird, because when I'm off my meds I'm the most sociable person on the planet. I thrive on being around people. But when I'm heavily medicated I just want to be ALONE. That's just another reason why I hate the meds. I wonder if any other Bipolar people experience that same thing? When they're on their meds are they more introverted? I used to be an introvert years ago before all of this shit started, but somewhere along the way I definitely flipped to being an extrovert. But, who the hell knows.... just another one of those MANY unanswered questions that go along with being afflicted with this disease.